Top 4 Secrets of Digital Marketing for Doctors :

Digital Marketing Strategy for Doctors in India

In today’s digital world, a complete online presence is crucial in all industries. Health care is not an exception. Digital marketing presents a powerful tool to reach and engage with patients and establish credibility. However, a digital marketing strategy for doctors in India requires a deep understanding of the target audience, regulations, and proper utilization of various online platforms. In this blog, we, Avira Digital Studios will explore key elements of successful online marketing strategies for doctors. 

digital marketing strategy for doctors in India

1. Building a Professional Website:

Your online journey starts with a website. This website could be as small as one page or a 4-5 page website. It ensures the availability of concrete information which should include your credentials, service offered, clinic location, opening hours, contact information, and appointment booking. A simple website can be built through WordPress. You can build by yourself or can take the help of any website development agency. 


2. Presence in Local Search :

The next step in online marketing for doctors is presence in local search. Nowadays anyone can search for anything on the internet. So you have to come in front of them. Usually, people can search for some local terms such as “Best doctor near me”,” Best doctor at Sodpure”, or” Top cardiologist near me’’.Your website should rank in these terms. The best way to do that is presence in Google My Business Account. There are certain activities that you have to continue regularly, for example, optimization of your account with targeted keywords, google review management, and conversation with reviewers irrespective of the nature of the review. 

Listing your business name, address, and phone number in local directories can help your ranking as well. These activities show your authority and expertise on the internet. Digital marketing strategy for doctors in India is incomplete without it.      


3. Social Media Marketing Strategies for Doctors :

As you have understood web presence is the first step towards your digital marketing success, the second step is reaching your target audience who would benefit from you. The best social media platform for you is the second most used search engine YouTube.It’s the platform through which you can build the trust of your audience and create an authority in your market. Let’s see how you can use YouTube as your organic growth medium.


You have to identify the problem of your audience and need to educate them on these topics.This is the most simple social media marketing strategy for doctors. For example, if you are a dentist then you should identify some common problems that people face. Now start producing video content on these topics. Topics could be “ How to keep your teeth healthy”, and” 5-night routine to keep your oral health better ”. Once you start talking about different problems people will start to connect with you and trust will be built. If you want to build a personal brand this is the continuous step that you need to follow.


Youtube is a large source of organic traffic but it is more appropriate for longer videos. Other alternative suitable platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Reels are a very effective option nowadays to reach a young audience. If you have a young target audience then your strategy will be accordingly. You can pick one problem and give the solution to it in the reel. When people start liking your reels then any social media platforms can push your videos further to reach more audience. This is how videos go viral on social media platforms. Static high graphical posts are another option to reach the target audience. 

Once you gain a certain amount of visitors and subscribers then you can provide one-to-one paid personalized consultancy services. 

4. Advertising for Doctors :

As you know, in India direct advertising for doctors is not legal but there is a way through which doctors can advertise indirectly. This is the section for it. 


See, if you want to grow through YouTube or social media then you will get quality results but it would take a certain time because reaching the target audience and building trust through interactions takes time. You need multiple interactions through your videos. This whole process can easily be done through advertisement.

Let’s take Facebook advertisements where you can reach to audiences related to behavior, and demographics. You can invite people to join in a webinar that you are going to host on one main common problems that patients face in your domain. If you are a cardiologist then the webinar topic could be “How to Prevent Heart Attack through Simple Activities “.Advertising this webinar is completely fine within the policy. Now when invitees attend your webinar give a lot of value and genuine advice to prevent themselves from the attack. If the webinar is of two hours, you should give value at least for more than one hour. This process would help to build trust among the attendees. This is what you also want. Now offer your consultation package to them as a solution to the problem which could include multiple services like diet chart planning, exercise planning, yearly health checkups, and 12 free consultations. The offerings in the package are definitely customizable. 


Do you feel that you would be profitable in this model? Let’s take a calculation of it. 


As you have already understood bringing a potential attendee will cost you something that can be termed as lead cost. Here for calculation let’s take Rs.50 as the cost of the lead and you generate 100 leads which will cost Rs.5000. Few people wouldn’t attend the webinar. Let’s take the industry standard as 50 %. So 50 people are going to attend your webinar and you are offering your package to them. The standard price of your package could be Rs. 5000. A 5% conversion rate would bring Rs.25000 as revenue. So is it a profitable model? 

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