Brand Building : A Comprehensive Strategy for Your Institute

Do you want to build a brand?

Do You want to be remembered by your students ?

Avira Digital Studios has crafted a step by step 13 branding strategy for educational institute

What is Branding for an Educational Institute? 

Branding for an educational institute is to create a special personality and identity for the institute.

It’s a unique image that reflects on people’s minds when they think about your institute. These could be your logo, colors, and your way of interacting with the audience. A good branding strategy for educational institutes helps to stand out from the crowd.  

Branding strategy for educational institute

Top 13 Branding Strategies for Educational Institutes

1. Define Your Institute’s Vision, Mission, and Values:

Your educational institute’s vision, mission, and values should be very clear. Here are a few questions that would help to identify all these.

Why does your institute exist? 

What are your goals? 

What values do you follow?

Your brand should reflect all these. 

2. Identify Your Target Audience:

Understand your target audience and create a different avatar of your target audience including demographics, psychographics, interests, pain points, economic background, and academic interests. Your Brand message should resonate with your target audience. 

3. Competitors Analysis :

Competitor analysis is the most important part of the brand building because you have to identify the market gap. Your competitors give hints on the market situation. So build your product and other plan strategies accordingly. The research would help you to identify their weakness, market positioning, and unique selling points.

4. Develop a Unique Identity:

Your identity should be memorable where your mission, vision, and values are reflected. A logo helps people recall your brands. Your selection of color palettes and typology should be aligned with your brand identity. 

5. Consistent Visual Identity                                        

Consistency in your visual identity sets you apart from the market. Your audience can recognize you from chaos. Top Institutes- Akash, Byjus, and Physics Wala have a clear and consistent visual identity across their entire touch point of audience from the logo design to institute elements. 

6. Connect with Audience through Storytelling : 

You forget facts, and figures but don’t forget stories. Audiences connect with stories more than anything. Develop a brand story that connects with your audience. Articulate the story and tell what the differences are that you offer. Why should a student choose you? Your language should be clear, authentic, emotional, and inspiring.   

7. Build an Online Presence: 

You build your credibility based on your online presence. Audiences try to find you through searches on the internet. So a user-friendly website is a must for you. Optimize your website for search engines. You can not stay away from social media. Institutes should have it’s social media pages to share valuable content and engage with audiences. 

8. Create  Exceptional Experiences : 

Any well-structured strategy will fail if you don’t create a good product. Here, your product is the experience that you give to your target audiences. Your maximum investment should be on recruiting qualified faculties, and modern facilities. Positive experiences are a major contributor to brand loyalty. 

9. Build your Brand through Alumni

Your student is your biggest advocate if they have received exceptional experiences. So utilize your alumni network. It is the most cost-effective and easy way to promote your brand. You can involve parents as well. 

10. Involvement of Community : 

You can build a community of positive people. You can improve the involvement of your community by creating different groups on social media platforms. Always share helpful content and engage your audience.  

11. Invest in Advertising : 

You have done almost all your organic activities to build your brand. Now it’s time to invest in advertising. You can choose digital platforms like Facebook and Google to showcase your brand to your audience through a branding campaign. Display ads in the Google platform could be very effective for this.

12. Decision Making through Data : 

Your decision on strategy should be based on some data. You can use different data analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Excel, and Power BI. You can measure your campaign success through different KPIs. 

13. Continuous Improvement : 

Always try to find out the gap and improve your processes and it’s a continuous journey that you need to go to be a name for students.  

Effects of Brand Marketing on Educational Institute:

1. Branding gives own identity which helps to make a unique identity. People can recognize you better.  

2. It helps to increase student enrollment because of its reputation and quality. When you have a strong brand, people can invest more because they believe that the education that it offers is worth more than the amount. 

3. Staff members are happy to work with a brand that has a strong identity. They feel motivated and connected with the institution’s mission and vision  

4. Alumni of the institute feel a strong bond when they are identified with its brand. It motivates them and supports it through donations. 

Branding plays a crucial role in the success and reputation of the institute. A strong brand identity contributes to the growth of the institute for the long term. 

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